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2018 FOALS

lily 3.5 months1.jpg

lily 3.5 months4.jpglily 3.5 months 6.jpglily 3.5 months2.jpg
Simply Elated, AQHA Filly - owned by Kathy and Todd Snodgrass 

deacon6 months.jpg
Dilly Dilly, APHA Gelding - now owned by Kerry and Claire Aycock
2018 Breeders Halter Futurity Reserve Champion and APHA World Show - 3rd Amateur Weanling Geldings


We are devastated to have lost this once in a lifetime colt. Stone was the kind of foal you dream of having.... sadly gone far too soon. We were honored to have had him his short 3 months.

2017 FOALS

stevie 140 days 1.jpgstevie 140 days 4.jpgstevie 140 days 3.jpg
Rite On Que, AQHA Colt - now owned by Amy Erhardt

clooney 3months.jpg clooney 94 days1.jpg
My Secret Crush, APHA Overo Colt - now owned by John VanDyke

2017 Breeders Halter Futurity Winner - 4th in open and amateur weanling colts earning over $7300

2016 FOALS

gunner 80days3.jpggunner 80 days.jpggunner 80days2.jpg
Heza Top Gun, AQHA Colt - sadly we lost this colt as a yearling to a leg injury.

prez 75 days1.jpgprez 70days3.jpg
Simplifyd, AQHA Colt - sadly we lost this amazing colt to a spinal abscess

sly 65days.jpgsly 65days 3.jpgsly 74 days.jpg
Cool Infatuation, APHA Overo Colt - now owned by John and Dani Mullaney

2015 FOALS

hope 65days.jpghope 34 days 2.jpg
Attitudz Everything, AQHA Filly - 2X AQHA RWC weanling mare with her owner Dr Steve Jensen and trainer Steve Ferguson

glory.jpgglory 56days 2.jpg
Simply Irrisitible, AQHA Filly - debuting in 2016 with her new owner

zak 4months7.jpg
Siriusly Cool, APHA Solid Colt - 2x APHA WC/RWC

blake 55days.jpgblake 81days.jpg
Simple Intention, AQHA/APHA Solid Colt - Sadly we lost this incredible colt at 90 days old. He was sold to Larry and Robin Robinette Morse and destined for Greatness....

bruno 30days 7.jpgbruno 30days.jpg
 Mister Credible, AQHA Colt - Sadly we lost this incredible colt at 63 days old. He was already spoken for and destined for Greatness....

2014 FOALS

leno 45days2.jpg
I M That Cool, AQHA/APHA Overo Gelding - 2X APHA World Champion Overo Colt under the guidance of Tim Finkenbinder

howie 68days1.jpg
Hes Seriously Stylin, APHA Solid Gelding - APHA World and Reserve World Champion Solid Weanling Gelding

lola 108days.jpg
Simply Xceptional, AQHA/APHA Solid Filly - under the guidance of Dave Kellerman for 2015

kiki 62days.jpg
Topsee Turvy, AQHA Filly - beginning her show career in 2015

oscar 45days.jpg
Divergence, AQHA Gelding - winner of over $3500 at BHF Amateur division

2013 FOALS

cruz 34days2.jpg
Hes That Cool, AQHA/APHA Overo Gelding - Now a 4X AQHA WC/RWC, 4X APHA World Champion Gelding and PtHA WC/RWC

gabby sept13d.jpg
Simply Alluring, AQHA Filly, finalist Amateur Weanling Filly... 12th BHF 2yr old mares, AQHA point earner and AQHA Grand Champion mare

eli 65days3.jpg
Playboys Intention, AQHA Colt - AQHA World Show, top 10 Amateur Weanling colts. 2015 National Halter Reserve Champion, Champion Dixie Nationals and Jerry Wells Futurity

ripley 2013 apha ws.jpg
Buns N Guns, APHA Overo Filly, APHA point earner

raven jul 7.jpg
Shez Got Curves, AQHA Filly - AQHA Congress Top 10 under the guidance of Don Griffey

maxi 30days.jpg
Gotta Keep A Secret, AQHA Filly

2012 FOALS

parker 4mos2wks8.jpgsimply sirprizin select ws win photo.jpg
Simply Sirprizin - AQHA Select World Champion and Reserve World Champion as a yearling. AQHA Congress Youth Champion and Novice Champion

buster 99days8.jpgbuster n ray 2012 ws3.jpg
Styled Right - APHA Overo Colt, APHA Reserve World Champion and 7X PtHA World Champion

jagger 4mos 3 wks.jpgjagger.jpgjagger breeders open.jpg
Capital Grille - AQHA Colt, 6th Open Halter Breeders Futurity, AQHA point earner with multiple grands and reserves and 2X PtHA World Champion

2011 FOALS

Hell On Heels 2011 AQHA Select World2.jpgHell On Heels weanling mares 3rd.jpghell on heels sept 2012.jpg
Hell On Heels - AQHA Filly, 2011 AQHA Select World Bronze Trophy Winner, AQHA point earner with multiple grands and reserves and superior's

brooke 5months6.jpgbrooke yr.jpg
Miss Neon Moon - APHA Overo Filly, halter point earner (now in Canada)

Miss Krystal Lite - AQHA Filly, AQHA point earner

leo3weeks2.jpgSimply Dapper 2012 Houston.jpg
Simply Dapper - AQHA Colt, 2012 Houston Stock show winner

Mr Awesome Ice Te - APHA/AQHA Overo Colt, APHA point earner

2010 FOALS

Simply CK - AQHA Filly, 2010 AQHA Select World Champion Weanling Filly (broodmare for Double S Ranch)

apollo4.5months.jpgapollo.jpgMr. BLACK EYED TE European Champion and Grand Champion.jpg
Mr Black Eyed Te - AQHA Colt, 3X European National Champion Stallion (now in Italy) AQHA point earner with multiple grands and reserves

dannyjuly2.jpgBahama Momma - Houston Show 2011.jpg
Bahama Momma - AQHA Filly, 2011 Houston Fat Stock Show Winner AQHA point earner

Givin Me Chills - APHA/AQHA Overo Filly, halter point earner

Finelee Heaven - APHA/AQHA Overo Filly, unshown due to injury

2009 FOALS

martiday11a.jpgMarti Congress Win Photo.jpgmartinwss pic.jpg
Im Heavenlee - APHA/AQHA Overo Filly, APHA Multiple Futurity Winner, PtHA Congress Champion, APHA World Show Top 5 and ROM's and Superior in Amateur and Open

Excentricity - AQHA Colt, AQHA ROM and Justin Rookie of the Year

ozziesep15d.jpgOzzie1.jpgozzie ft worth.jpg
Stimulus Package - APHA/AQHA Overo Colt, APHA/AQHA Grand Champion Colt

Simply Scrumptious - AQHA Filly, Futurity Winner, qualified for AQHA World show (Lost as a yearling to colic)

A Kid Can Dream - AQHA Filly, AQHA point eaner

The Dealmaker - APHA/AQHA Overo Colt, APHA point earner

Gotta Lotta Secrets - AQHA Filly, AQHA point earner

Cowgirlicious - AQHA Filly, unshown due to injury

noah6months3.jpgnoah ws2 copy.jpg
No Kiddin Im Awesome - APHA/AQHA Overo Colt, APHA World Show 4th Slot Class

2008 FOALS

loulouday3a.jpgluluapr18.jpgLuLu 2008 ws.jpg
Seriously Smitten - APHA Filly, top 5 APHA World Show (world champion producing broodmare with Double S Ranch)

getting ready.jpg
Kid Charming - AQHA Colt, top 10 AQHA Select World. Now standing at stud and siring top 10 world show winners and AQHA point earners

Precision Built - APHA Overo Colt, halter point earner

Ima Drama Queen - APHA/AQHA Filly, showing in Venezuela

SS Doc Holidday - APHA/AQHA Colt, showing in Venezuela

willie 45days5.jpgyogi5months6.jpg
Slamdunk - AQHA Colt, showing in Mexico

Dream Color - APHA Overo Filly, sadly lost to colic as a 3yr old.

2007 FOALS

Cool Skipin Awesome - APHA/AQHA Colt, APHA Reserve World Champion, PtHA top 5 world. APHA and ptHA ROM earner

SS Rant N Rave - APHA/AQHA Colt, AQHA/PHBA Halter Point Earner - Top 5 PHBA World. PHBA ROM's

Atomic Kid - AQHA Colt, point earner (now in France)

Cool Scotch Legacy - APHA Colt, PtHA Top 5 World

HKS Awesome Girl - APHA Filly, PtHA Top 10 World

Heza MightyFine Kid - APHA/AQHA Colt, living near the ocean in Oregon

Styled Right - AQHA Colt, Lost at 7 months to West Nile

2006 FOALS

Miss Cool N Fine - AQHA Filly, AQHA/PHBA Halter Point Earner - 2X Top 10 World

Awe To Be Powerful - APHA/AQHA Overo Filly, APHA Halter ROM

rockyaug2 9.jpg
Scotch Rocks Mister - AQHA Colt, AQHA Halter Point Earner

Shez Got Curves - APHA Overo Filly, Halter Point Earner, Top 5 APHA World (now in Canada)

Cool Scotch Dreams - AQHA Filly, PHBA Halter ROM's, 3X top 5 PHBA World

SS Too Intense - APHA Colt, State Champion 4H

Serious Anticipation - APHA/AQHA Overo Colt, halter point earner (now in Canada)

2005 FOALS

Absolute Precision - APHA/AQHA Overo Colt, APHA and PtHA Superior Halter, 3X Top 5 World

The Gridiron Kid - AQHA Colt, AQHA Halter ROM, AQHA Congress Winner

carleymay25rt.jpgCarley Kansas 7_22_06 2.jpg
SS Bling Bling - APHA Overo Filly, APHA Halter Point Earner - now in France

sara 12 days lt prof.jpgsara1.jpg
Shez Beyond Cool - AQHA Filly, PHBA Halter ROM's

rudy 3 dys.jpg
The Scorekeeper - APHA Overo Colt, APHA and PtHA Halter Point Earner, 6th APHA World

regis day 2 strutting.jpg
Power Up - APHA/AQHA Colt, State Champion 4H

Stone Cold Power - AQHA Colt, halter point earner

2004 FOALS

millie whatsup.jpgSnodgrass Final.jpgMILLIEPHBAWS.jpgmillie may2012 (2).jpg
Cowgirl Cool - AQHA Filly, PHBA Halter Point Earner 140+ points (broodmare with Double S Ranch)

ark la tex.jpgsam sept 5 lt 1.jpg
Awesome To A Te - AQHA/APHA Overo Colt, Halter Point Earner

kramer day 3 looking at ya.jpg
Awesome Honor - APHA/AQHA Colt, Halter Point Earner

jack apr 18 n mom.jpg
Cool To Be Scotch - AQHA Colt, Halter Point Earner

2003 FOALS

allie chest web front.jpgAnnie at Denver1.jpg
Annie Anwesome - APHA/AQHA Overo Filly, APHA ROM

fergie 3 mos by pond.jpg
Awesomes Royal Te - APHA/AQHA Overo Filly, APHA and PtHA ROM

frodo 3mos lookin back.jpg
Hez Mighty Spotless - AQHA/APHA Colt

febe jun 7 1.jpg
APHA Palomino Overo Filly

2002 FOALS

mags ws pic.jpg
My Te Sweet Dreams - AQHA Filly, halter point earner

casey mothers day.jpg
Secret Agent Man - APHA Overo Colt, halter point earner

mia 5wks.jpg
Mia Secret Enhancer - APHA Overo Filly

Doc - APHA Overo Colt


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