love you infinity mom... you will always be my safe place to fall.

love you forever daddy... you are always a keeper.

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dad .jpg

90th Birthday - September 4, 2004

dad singing.jpg

90th Birthday singing with Karen 

mom and dad  fall.jpg

Summer 2001 at the ranch

mom and dad ranch2.jpg

Fathers Day 2002 

Picture 003.jpg

Christmas 2006 with Gary 

Picture 006.jpg

Ross and Daddy Christmas 2006 

mom n dad apr 14 07.jpg

Ryan and Cori's wedding May 2007

susan n dad.jpg

Susan and Daddy 93rd Birthday

kathy karen  dad.jpg

93rd Birthday with Kathy and Karen 

happy birthday mom.jpg

Mom's 87th Birthday

expalining massager.jpg

93rd Birthday with the family 

Mom with Karen2.jpg

mom's 88th birthday with Karen

kathy n mom2.jpg

Mom's 88th Birthday

family shot 2.jpg

Summer 2008 with Kathy, Karen, Charky and Ross

charky w mom and dad.jpg

Summer 2008 with Charky

daddy n stella.jpg

Stella and Daddy - 94th Birthday

daddy blowin his horn.jpg

94th Birthday September 2008

daddy 95th bday present from TB.jpg

95th Birthday with his hat from Terry Bradshaw 

Christmas 2008.jpg

Christmas 2008 - Susan, Ryan Cori and Addison

christmas 08 us.jpg

Christmas 2008 - Todd and Kathy

Dennis Brett Sabra n mom n dad.jpg

Christmas 2008 - Brett, Sabra and Dennis

weanling filly n mom.jpg

meeting Kensi at Twin Lakes 2010

Taylor snuggling mom.jpg

Easter 2009 - Mom with Taylor

WC mare and mom.jpg

meeting Missy at Twin Lakes 2010

todd2 christmas 09.jpg

Christmas 2009

dad and mom christmas 2009.jpg

their last Christmas together 2009


their most precious Max

mom and gisele aug22 the kiss.jpg

kiss for good luck with Giselle 2010

mom and gisele aug22b.jpg

 mom and Giselle


good luck kiss worked!

mom and addison4.jpg

Thanksgiving 2010 with Addison

mom with her scarf christmas 2010.jpg

 Christmas 2010

mothers day 2011c.jpg

Easter 2011 with family

mom and karen 89.jpg

Mom's 89th birthday with Karen

susan n mom 89.jpg

 Mom's 89th birthday with Susan

me n mom 89.jpg

Mom's 89th birthday Dec 14, 2011

gary n dennis w mom 89.jpg

mom with Gary and Dennis

mom and her ladies.jpg

 Mom's 89th birthday with her girls

dennis sabra n mom 89.jpg

Mom with Sabra and Dennis


moms spot 776.jpg

Mom's Sentinel pines outside Pagosa Springs Co, she rests here in God's majestic splendor


mom and dad (2).jpg

Dr and Mrs J.H. Spence - Married 64 years....

Fishing Dennis B'day 05.jpg together forever.